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Primary School History Roman Britain

Roman Britain Interactive

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Using Primary History Interactive

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See our latest range of Primary History Resources

History Interactive teaching and learning resources are created by experts in the field. Producing high quality resources that will inspire children and capture their imaginations. Our resources are trusted by school teachers everywhere, and are increasingly being recognised as complete, high quality curriculum resources across Key Stages 2.

Roman Britain   Ancient Egypt   The Victorians    Ancient Greece

Prehistoric Britain     Anglo-Saxons and Vikings    The Kingdom of Benin

     Early Islamic Civilisations      Indus Valley Civilisation    Maya Civilisation

Key Stage 1 Primary History Interactive

Your History, Our History

This resource is AVAILABLE NOW. This module will help children to develop an awareness of the past starting with their personal history. This will also find out about the past by looking at festivals and celebrations, people and events and a famous history mystery.

Famous People and Famous Events

This module will introduce children to some of the important events in British history and the people who helped to change the world.

A non-European society early Islamic civilization, c. AD 900; Mayan civilization c. AD 900; Benin (West Africa) c. AD 900-1300.   

We  now have available the following resources:-

New National Curriculum History


Key Stage 2 History Resources

New National Curriculum History

A final version of the new National Curriculum was released in  the Autumn 2013 for first teaching in schools from September 2014. At History Interactive, we recognise that some Primary History teachers were concerned about the breadth of the History content and that children are to be introduced to the concepts of "civilisation", "nation" and "democracy" at the ages of five and six.

To support Primary History teachers, we have continued to develop a range of interactive PowerPoint Presentations and Complete Lesson Plans and Lesson activities.

Our History experts have produced a range of All-in-One teaching and learning resources for most of the popular Primary school History topics. Our first Primary resources for the new National Curriculum were prepared and ready in January 2014. Since then, we have 9 new units have been produced. There are now 12 in total. See panel opposite.

New National Curriculum History Resources


Using History Interactive Privacy Primary School History Benin West African Kingdoms

Ancient Egypt Interactive

Ancient Greece Interactive

The Kingdom of Benin

Using History Interactive Primary School History Stone Age and Iron Age Primary School History Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Roman Britain Interactive

Stone Age to Iron Age Interactive

Saxons and Vikings Interactive

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What teachers are saying about History Interactive Resources

“The History Interactive DVD’s we purchased were excellent. We ordered several Key Stage 3 modules including the Causes of the First World War and the Assessment for Learning King John and Richard III Pack. This included a fully resourced debate and assessments. They provided complete content coverage with elements of differentiation. All highly useable.”

Mrs S Young, Highbury Fields School, London

All of our resources include full institution site license.

Our Popular Key Stage 2

New National Curriculum


Primary History Modules

Modules in the series include:-


Your History, Our History

Famous People and Events


Stone Age to Iron Age

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Roman Britain

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

The Victorians

The Kingdom of Benin

Islamic Civilisations

Indus Valley Civilisation

Maya Civilisation