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History Interactive Educational Software  A new and stimulating approach  to teaching  and learning Key Stage 2, 3 and GCSE History

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Welcome to History Interactive

All-in-one Teaching and Learning Resources

“Great resources that I would fully recommend. We found the GCSE History modules extremely useful for teaching and revision. The resources were relevant to our specification. The source evaluation questions, prompt sheets, mark schemes are excellent, providing opportunities for peer-assessment”

Jean Fowkes, Head of History, Wales High School, Sheffield

“Having bought the Key Stage 3 Interactive Slavery Unit, I have been extremely pleased. It has bolted on to my current scheme of work. The assessment at the end is excellent with the PowerPoint with additional resources available to extend learning.”

Gareth Whitaker, Head of History, Settle Middle School, North Yorks


Putting History Teachers First

We at History Interactive understand how busy history teachers are. This is why we have developed a range of resources that not only help lighten teacher’s workload but also provide stimulating and attractive teaching resources that will enable pupils to enjoy their learning and achieve success.

Key Features

of History Interactive Resources

  • Full History 9-1 GCSE exam content and skills coverage
  • Assessment for Learning resources

  • Fully Interactive with animations and audio
  • Up to 50 information- packed editable Word files
  • Clear learning outcomes

  • Differentiated work booklet
  • Progress-checker self-marking tests and homework tasks
  • Complete lesson plans and lesson activities
  • All-in-One teaching and learning resources
  • Key exam skills explained through interactive presentation
  • GCSE 9-1 History exam style questions, model answers and mark schemes

  • Full institution site license for all of our GCSE 9-1 History, Key Stage 2 and 3 resources

History Interactive Latest and New Resources

GCSE Martin Luther King Black Civil Rights USA Interactive

Black Civil Rights USA

This Interactive PowerPoint traces the  origin of the Civil Rights Movement and assesses what it  had achieved.

More information >>

Key Stage 3 French Revolution and Napoleon Interactive

The French Revolution

This interactive PowerPoint looks at the causes of the Revolution and the rise of Napoleon.

More information >>

Key Stage 2 Primary School History

Primary School History

Roman Britain Interactive

Ancient Egypt Interactive

The Victorians Interactive

Ancient Greece Interactive

More information >>

GCSE History Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Britain 1750-1900 Interactive

Primary School Assemblies

Interactive PowerPoint presentation considering why the conflict is so difficult to resolve.

GCSE History USA 1919-1941

The USA 1919-1941

An interactive PowerPoint presentation about the boom to bust in America and the New Deal.

More information >>

More information >>

Key Stage 3 Britain 1750-1900 Interactive

Examines Britain’s industrial development including factories, transport, agriculture, coal and iron.

Key Stage 3 Britain and her Empire Interactive

The Britsish Empire

This interactive PowerPoint examines the actions and achievement of Empire builders.

More information >>

More information >>

10 Special Days PowerPoint Movies with Teacher’s Resource Pack, Assembly plans and Assembly notes.

Secondary School Assemblies

10 Special Days PowerPoint Movies with Teacher’s Resource Pack, Assembly plans and Assembly notes.

GCSE  History 9-1 Resources

KS3 Resources

KS 1 and 2  and Assembly Resources

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***Special Offers***

Transatlantic Slave Trade Interactive

Transatlantic Slave Trade Complete Lesson Plans

Both resources for £70 saving £20

American Heroes Complete Lesson Plans

John F Kennedy Assassination

Martin Luther King and Civil Rights in the USA

Both Resources for £55 saving £15

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High Quality Resources

Teachers deserve access to high quality and varied classroom materials. Written by expert history teachers who share a passion for creating engaging, interesting resources that are tried and tested with real students in real classrooms.

History Interactive modules cover causation, chronology, interpretations, investigations, essay writing, source analysis and are linked to National Curriculum and GCSE History learning objectives. Our modules are constantly updated. There should be no barriers to learning.

GCSE History Northern Ireland Troubles 1969-1993

GCSE 9-1 Northern Ireland Troubles

GCSE History Warfare and British Society 790-2010

GCSE 9-1 Warfare Through Time

Key Stage 3 Black Death Peasants Revolt War Interactive

Key Stage 3 Medieval Britain 1300-1453

Key Stage 3 French Revolution and Napoleon Interactive

.Key Stage 3 French Revolution

Primary School History Roman Britain

Roman Britain

Primary School History Benin West African Kingdoms

.West African Kingdoms: Benin

Primary School History Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Saxons and Vikings

Primary School History Stone Age and Iron Age

Stone Age to Iron Age

Primary School Resources

What teachers are saying about History Interactive resources.

GCSE History Anglo-Saxon and Norman England

GCSE 9-1 Anglo-Saxons and Normans

GCSE SHP History Medicine Through Time Modern

GCSE 9-1 Medicine 1800-2000

GCSE History Hitler's Rise to Power 1918-1934

GCSE 9-1 Hitler’s Rise to Power

GCSE History Elizabethan England 1558-1603

.GCSE 9-1 Elizabethan England

Secondary School History Resources

Key Stage 3                   GCSE History 9-1

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Our Most Popular History Resources

Key Stage 3             GCSE History 9-1

“The GCSE History Interactive DVDs we purchased were excellent. We ordered several Key Stage 3 modules including the Causes of the First World War and the Assessment for Learning King John and Richard III Pack. This included a fully resourced debate and assessments. They provided complete content coverage with elements of differentiation. All highly useable.”

Mrs S Young, Highbury Fields School, London

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History Interactive is a new series of active Key Stage 1 and 2,  Key Stage 3 and GCSE History 9-1 teaching, learning and exam revision resources. They provide a new and fresh look at popular History topics from interactive PowerPoint presentations to complete History lesson plans and lesson activities, all designed to inspire and excite learners. With these all-in-one resources, teachers will save hours of preparation time. History Interactive helps pupils to confidently acquire both the necessary content and conceptual understanding in an exciting way.  Use our History Interactive resources for whole class teaching, independent learning and GCSE History exam revision.

Popular, exciting and fully resourced!






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